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Does the logo look familiar?

It should. It stands for honesty, integrity, and good old-fashioned service.

Western Telephone LLC is an independent telecommunications company located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  We service business communications systems from West Yellowstone, Montana to Montpelier, Idaho and all points in between.

While our primary focus is on larger PBX systems in the hospitality industry, we also provide service for small and medium sized businesses.  These services include moves, adds, and changes to your telephone systems and data networks.

After nearly 35 years in the telecom industry, we have seen incredible advancements in the way we communicate.  From the old mechanical telephones to the new VoIP devices it has made it necessary for us to stay ahead of the competition by providing better services at competitive rates.

Tired of paying hidden service fees, truck fees, and exorbitant hourly rates, only to be left frustrated with a large bill and unresolved problems? 

We are offering a free evaluation of your phone system and any problems you are having with it, along with a quote you can review if you so choose.

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